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22" Drum Cover Gasket Multiseal; White EPDM - FDA; 22" (L

Snyder 33100727:22-5/16 inch opening white multi seal EPDM gasket half wrap. Used to prevent leaks and provide a seal for your tanks and IBCs. 250 Gallon Excalibur IBC Tote Portable Tank Snyder 250 Gallon 1.35 SG Excalibur IBC Tote Tank Please see IBC TOTE UN/DOT Closure Notification. Size Info:Capacity (Gallons) 250: Liquid Access:1 Manway / Lid:Manway / Lid 1:6" Threaded Vented Lid:Resin Features:Color:Natural White:Material:Polyethylene:FDA Approved Resin:Yes (Food Grade, Potable) UV Inhibitors:Yes:Translucent 275 Gallon IBC Totes New $209.00 per tote, 275 Gallon IBC 275 gallon IBC tote New as low as $209.00, 275 gallon Rebottled IBC $155.00, 275 gallon Reconditioned IBC $110.00. Suppliers of 275 gallon IBC totes by the truckload for just $90.00 each delivered. Call us Today 859-881-3190

275 Gallon New IBC Tote with 2" Camlock Valve

The 26WN2C is a 275 gallon new IBC with a 2" Camlock valve. Also known as an intermediate bulk container or tote, this industrial container holds the same capacity as five 55-gallon drums in less space and features a 2 quick disconnect screwable valve. The Camlock valve allows for easy disconnect, adding to ease of use. Camlock is usually used for quick connects (like hoses), while NPT is for 330 Gallon Rebottled IBC Tote - IBC TanksThe 330 rebottled caged totes new tank is blow-mold fabricated from food grade, BPA free, FDA-approved, UV-stabilized virgin polyethylene that also meets ANSI and NSF 61 requirements for drinking/potable water usage systems. These 330 gallon rebottled totes are manufactured to handle up to 1.9 specific gravity fluids. 9" Threaded Cap U.S. Plastic Corp.These caps are for IBC Tanks. The cap and gasket may be utilized in applications where chemical contact is approved with known chemical resistivity data for the materials specified below. Rated for maximum internal pressure of 15 psi; Applications requiring pressure leak or pressure loss testing; UN regulated tanks, totes & IBC products Bins, Totes & Containers Containers-IBC, Silos IBC Containers - UN Approved Provide space-saving storage containment for multi-trip applications. IBC Containers - UN Approved are designed for storage of both hazardous and nonhazardous contents. Easy to fill, stack and load. Hot-dipped galvanized steel cage is consistent with Food Code requirements in non-direct food contact environments.


Approved for filling products of a maximum density of 1.9; FDA approval (optional) Perfectly suited for high bay warehousing; Bottom plate made of steel to provide stability and to facilitate minimum residual contents from the inner container IBC Container - IBC Tank - CL SmithIf you need an even heavier duty IBC, check out the REMCON IBC. This UN rated intermediate bulk HDPE FDA approved container is built and tested for longevity and offers a Banjo 4 bolt, stubby 2 PTF drain valve with male camlock. These are wonderful containers for safe, worry-free chemical handling and all come with a 100% two year guarantee. IBC Containers - Finncont OyPurpose built UN approved IBC packages for the transportation of dangerous goods and tailored process and storage containers from 300 to 3000 liters but also available until 15 000 liters according to clients requirements. Our offering includes tanks with heating, cooling and insulation, and we also provide mixers and other IBC related products. IBC Tanks - Your The Greatest. IBC Tanks from Great Distributed throughout Canada, they are available with UN ratings for dangerous goods and non-UN for non-regulated products. IBC Tanks are also used for many non-dangerous products such as liquids, powders, grains, and even pet foods.

IBC Tanks and Totes - Stackable and Non Stacking

Price:Starting at $295.00 Category:IBC Tanks and Totes - Stackable and Non Stacking 275 Gallon IBC Tank Product Code:SM13275. The 275 gallon IBC with composite pallet is the best solution for transporting and storing the widest range of chemicals and food grade products. IBC Tote Frequently Asked Questions"Designs" are not approved by the FDA, they only approve the MATERIAL used to construct the tank. Snyder can build IBC's using FDA compliant materials. Snyder IBCs can be manufactured to comply with FDA Title 21 CFRs - 177.2600, 178.2010, 177.1520 and 178.3297. Compliant parts include all gaskets, caps, tank material, and valve. IBC Totes, IBC Tanks, Tote Tanks - 275 & 330 Gallon TotesEach tank is DOT/UN approved meeting spec 31HA1/Y. Each tote has 4 way forklift entry. Each tote tank comes with a 6 top fill port and a 2 drain valve. Our totes are approved for filling products of a maximum denisty of 1.9. Totes can be stacked up to 4 high while empty. Our 275 and 330 totes are FDA approved which makes them safe for Rebottled IBC Totes & Steel Water TanksPlastic-MartRebottled IBC Totes (steel cage water tanks) which have a reconditioned steel cage & new FDA approved water tank liner. Plastic tank liner meets FDA criteria as specified in CFR 21 section 177.1520. The ibc totes are equipped with a 2 NPT valve and a cam lock lid. This is the closest item to a 300 gallon plastic container that is rigid yet

VPC 275 gal. Intermediate Bulk Container Tank-IBC-275-1

Intermediate Bulk Container Tank, IBC, is caged and mounted on a pallet. Intermediate Bulk Containers, IBC are tanks with cages that are DOT approved and meet UN standard up to specific gravity 1.9. One 2 in. valve is included. Cages are reconditioned. New bottle is approved for potable water storage. 275 gal. capacity; Approved for potable What do the UN codes mean? U.S. PlasticUnited Nations Symbol:A lower case "u" over a lower case "n" in a circle or upper case "UN" signifies that a container is UN performance packaging. Packaging Code:the first number designates the type of packaging, the letter designates the material of construction, and the second number designates whether it is open top or closed top. C&C Tanks Southwestern Pa's Largest tote supplierFamily owned and operated, C&C Tanks has been recycling and redistributing IBC and Schutz Totes since 2015. With over 10,000 tanks sold and distributed we're continuing to grow every day! We specialize in Food Grade quality tanks, however other options are also available. Contact us today for more information.

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