Large-scaleoil tank

oking gas accessories with trade assurance in panama


 · Web viewThe recent boom in shale oil and gas production in the United States has affected various aspects of the economy. Panama ceased to be a CBERA/CBTPA beneficiary upon the entry into force of the United States-Panama Trade Promotion Agreement, on 31 October 2012; and Curacao, as a successor to the Netherlands Antilles, was designated a CBERA [DOC] · Web viewa China-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement. July 01, 2014 Gas and Water 571.9 2.4 Construction 1945.6 8.1 Services 14041.9 58.5 Wholesale and Retail Trade 5522.9 23.0 Hotels and Restaurants 165.6 0.7 Transport and Communication 435872 14.3 Banking, Insurance and Real Estate etc 269744 8.9 Ownership of Dwellings 76926 2.5 Government Services · Web viewInternational trade, domestic trade, production, processing, repair, technical training Chengdu Jinlongtou Industrial CO.,LTD 2012125011A0018 2012-08-18 028-83989989 028-83988896 Yaque Kou Village,Banzhu Yuan town,Xindu District,Chengdu City 610505 cdjlt [email protected]

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