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 · Web viewIn addition to fees for customs clearance, there are charges for customs escort and storage under Law No. 311-FZ of 27 November 2010 (last amended on 13 July 2015), which states that fees for customs transactions are limited to the approximate price of the services provided and shall not exceed Rub 100,000 (Table 3.7). [DOC] · Web viewIn terms of sectoral contributions to GDP, the share of manufacturing has remained fairly constant since 2010, at about 18%, while agriculture has continued to decline. Services sectors combined contributed about 65% mostly from transport, storage, wholesale [DOC] · Web viewIndia, China, Singapore and UAE continued to be the dominant suppliers to the country. In 2012, total expenditure on imports declined by 5.4 percent to US $ 19.2 billion with comparison to 2011. Continuous growth in imports has caused to widen the trade gap from


 · Web viewtank cars (code 8606 10 00 00); bogies of freight wagons (code 8607 12 00 00); containers for collecting, storage, transportation of bulk, not briquetted nonradiative goods (code 8609 00 90 00). · Web viewWholesale and retail tractor, combine harvester, agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery accessories Guangrao Hengtai Auto Sales Services Co.. 201112001100075 13905463113 0546-6668886 Guangrao County of Weibei high road 960 Wholesale and retail tractor, combine harvester, agricultural machinery parts, auto

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